A House Divided

One of our tasks as ‘shepherds’ of a local church family is to be on the lookout for potential dangers or possible works of satan that would injure the flock of God. Hence it is not difficult for most pastors and spiritual leaders to identify risks even on a broader cultural scale. 

The recent supreme court and other scenarios played out in our media certainly feeds into that concern. It is not about who’s right and who’s wrong; most will agree that man’s systems are usually flawed in some way. Currently we see a divided nation with very little tolerance for someone else’s opinion. What was disagreement, is now a perceived hatred. What was once civil discourse, is now a plan to destroy ’the other side'. The Bible is clear that a ‘house’, in this instance the USA, will fall if divided (Mark 3:25) and history has proven this with the greatest of past empires. 

However, it is within the authority of the church to be the answer. The church in the US needs to facilitate healing of a divided nation, and historically the church has had to step in periodically and fulfill this 'prophetic voice' role. Our allegiance to the kingdom and our role as  peacemaker is of a higher calling than taking sides in the destructive processes often found within the politics of the day. 

Difference doesn’t have to be division; unity is not the absence of strife. As believers and through our local churches across the US, we are to walk in Christ's ‘bond of love’ (Col 3:14), demonstrating the God-kind of love. Instead of exalting politics and its polarizing opinions, let us exalt Christ our prince of peace and model the God-love in our spheres of influence as citizens, of first and foremost, the kingdom of God. 



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