Are We Failing Our Children?

Whilst reporting about this week’s horrific school shooting in Florida, Shepherd Smith from the Fox News channel made the statement, “We are failing our children”. This statement underlines the urgency for the existence of the church to be re-discovered.

Whatever your political position, children dying is never ok, especially under these circumstances. Whether in a Syrian refugee camp or besieged city or the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, the senseless killing of children is a terrible mark against humanity. Prayer vigils and moments of silence are appreciated, but I believe the church needs to take action.

Our voice should be heard where children are in danger. Our voice must be heard where we are an active community that models family as God intended; places where healing can be facilitated and where those broken or rejected find restoration. Family dysfunction cannot be medicated away, but neither can it just be prayed away.

Let's roll up our sleeves and actively ask the Lord where can we help. New Life is called to be a Kingdom life center where life can be found for families. Reach out where you see struggle, reach out where you see potential harm that may destroy a future and be willing to walk that second mile with them.




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