Updated: Mar 11, 2019

I want you to consider the problem of the inability to adjust and change with times. I bring this up as we watch an iconic part of the American shoppers' once 'go-to place' file for bankruptcy and close their doors. What Amazon is today, Sears was for generations - the ultimate family store.

Why the demise? Should we blame current shopping and millennial trends for this? No. Turns out many had spoken up in favor of adjusting and leading the industry, but folk at the top were not willing to be proactive and worse, found to be complacent - happy with the way things were.

This potentially serves as an example for spiritual stagnation. As much as the basics never change, the environment those basic biblical truths are in, change and always will as succeeding generations see things in new ways. Methodology is not to be mixed up with biblical truth, and sometimes denominations, indeed believers, have fallen into this trap where how we do it is pitched at the same authority as God’s word. Remember the fight a few decades ago when a guitar in church was considered sin? Or modern worship songs a sacrilege? Many of those churches unfortunately are closing their doors today; they are the ‘Sears’ of the past. Nothing wrong with their music, but everything wrong with the inability to accept new ways of doing things.

Is there a new way God wants you to adjust in your prayer life, how you handle relationships, or sharing your faith? Ask Him as He may point you towards looking at those who did not want to change and adapt, and are now bankrupt.



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