Being the Body

We read in Luke 4 how Jesus takes the scroll which contained many books of the Old Testament, and began to read from Isiah 61. As He reads this passage God's heart is revealed for all people - that the captive would be set free, good news be proclaimed to the poor, the blind to see and the oppressed receive freedom. Further, that the year of God's favor is to be proclaimed. What a powerful proclamation of the intentions of a God full of loving kindness and mercy and not one who is out to judge and then destroy.

As one of my favorite Scriptures, I often read this passage and refocus my life to doing about and doing exactly what it says. Why? Because you and I are the "Body" of Christ here on earth, meaning what He did here during His ministry on earth, we are to continue within the context of our worlds. Christ was not being "prophetic" here as in stating that which is still to come. Christ was being Messianic, clearly laying out His agenda in confirmation to what Scripture had been indication all along.

Like the synagogue people present that day, folk are not always happy to hear about your Christ inspired life. That never fazed Christ; He was not about to be sidetracked or back down from His calling because of opposition. Neither should we in a world demanding equal time for all religions. This passage in Isaiah shows we have the miraculous at hand, unlike other religions. We have the Father's mandate to go about Christ's ministry here on earth, and to bring onto earth "as it is in heaven" (Matthew 6:10)



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