Christ With Us

"I too am a man under authority" are the famous words uttered by the centurion to Christ in Luke 7. He follows this statement up by expanding on his clear grasp of authority which he recognized in observing Christ in action within the region.

We learn from this passage a few things: Firstly, faith and authority are linked in God's kingdom. The centurion could perceive authority because he already believed who Christ was, otherwise he never would have approached Him.

Secondly, he understood the power of Christ's words as being as effective from a distance as if Christ was with the sick servant in person. In other words, Christ's words are Christ, and are to be accepted as such. Finally, as a Roman officer he showed extraordinary humility. There was no ordering or commanding, but a humble man appealing to an awesome God.

Interestingly, this man saw what the Jews themselves could not comprehend: God in Christ had come among His people and was doing great signs and wonders.

Take Christ's word for what it is: Him here with you now. Be humble, and ask humbly. We are to make our requests, not demands, known to the Lord. The result? For one, miracles you experience that glorify God.



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