Mr. Rogers

Recently I went to see Tom Hank's portrayal of Mr. Rogers in the movie, "A beautiful day in the Neighborhood". Besides the acting ability of Tom Hanks and the rest of the cast, it was a beautiful portrayal of forgiveness, love and reconciliation that it seems Mr. Rogers led folk, and specifically a generation of children, into. In a particular scene Mr. Rogers takes a rather jaded, hardened journalist to lunch. Sensing the journalist's past issues with his father, Mr. Rogers asks if he would take a minute to become quiet and think of all the people who made him to be who he was, and that as a wonderful human being, they needed recognition. The entire restaurant grows still as Mr. Rogers looks at this young man. Then, something I haven't seen before in a movie happens - Mr. Rogers shifts his gaze directly to the camera, and without any words invites the movie goers to become part of this full quiet minute. To say the least, it was a powerful reflective moment for me; people ran through my mind from my parents who sometimes did things I was hurt by to the "Mr. Rogers" characters in my lives who took time to shape me into the man I have become.

I want to recommend that you watch the movie as a reminder of the power of forgiveness, and that we all have that God-given capacity within us, just as the Father did through Jesus Christ.



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