Covenantal Authority

Updated: Jan 20, 2018

“The believer has been given covenantal authority ratified through the Blood of Christ. This authority manifests in various ways starting with the immediate personal sphere and dealing with satan's orchestrated attacks in an appropriate manner. However, does this mean a believer, although part of the world-wide Church, need not be part of the local church, meaning that the charge of being a "living stone" (1 Peter 2:5) need not adhere to, be built into, or connected to a local body?

True authority comes from being under authority. Therefore the demonstration of that authority would reflect and reveal the authority of that local body, which in turn reflects the wider Church. Where there is no evidence of authority, is it because there is no proper connection?

In a culture of tailor-made preferences, authority used for merely the furtherance of and the shoring up of personal gain is not theologically defensible and that house is built on sand. Through corporate or "body connection" not only does the believer learn to develop their gifting, but learn to live beyond themselves in bringing transformation to their environment. Corporately we bring the government of heaven to bare, through being connected to the body of Christ in which[…]”

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