Crisis Mode

Updated: Jan 20, 2018

The following text message was sent by Cynthia Manley to her two daughters when the alarms went off a few days ago in Hawaii when it was mistakingly announced that an incoming missile was en route to the Island: “If this is the end, stay strong and no matter what happens take care of you and sis. Find a way to get to California and be together soon and be a family. I love you so much.” To the youngest daughter at college in California she messaged, “No matter what happens get your degree! Have a good life and be successful! And take care of your sister.”

What would you do if you only had minutes to live? First off as a believer, know your eternity is taken care of. Secondly, plan now not to live at any time with regrets - if necessary, make things right with family and friends. Thirdly, begin to worship, because if it’s the end due to such a scenario described above, you’d want to “enter His courts with praise” (Ps 100:4) - no seriously, just praise!


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