Grace: A win-win

A quick perusal of the present "grace" application expounded on various progressive Christian websites such as Pathos and others, reveal that the word "grace" is being utilized as a verb depicting something offered mostly in the context of social concerns or current western cultural trends. In other words, even if what is presented is not biblical, grace embraces and needs no explanation as long as a personal happiness is paramount.

Biblically the word "grace" has a far deeper meaning. It comes from the Greek word "charts"; thing "charitable, charity, etc". Joy is also part of the group that belongs to "charis" or "grace".

Grace precisely means "pleasure, delight, sweetness, charm, loving-kindness and favor."

The Bible shows that God extended this to all of us; however, with the favor and loving-kindness comes the added ability to live within the new norms of acceptance and sonship that we undeservedly receive. Grace is thus not a renegotiated God-reality conceived for my comfort, but the God-reality of healing and wholeness extended that I need.

What a win-win situation. That's the power of grace available to you today, and that should flow to those around you. So show a little grace to someone today.



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