I am found

Luke chapter 15 has the parable known as the Prodigal Son. There are many interpretations to this parable, Google it and you'll be amazed. We've heard the basics of the wayward son who requests his inheritance before it is due, then goes off to a far country where he squanders the entire inheritance. He comes to his senses near starvation and heads home to beg for forgiveness. The father sees him afar off and runs to him, embracing, kissing him, and restores this son who "was dead but is now alive".

I've related this parable of Christ to lift out an aspect that is often not seen in the context of 'repentance', but understood in the Middle Eastern mindset and culture, and which is Biblical. In this story the son comes to the place of this 'repentance', but in the Greek-Syric translation the content is that "he recognized he was found". The admission of that 'finding' of the wayward by the Lord allows the relief and joy of reconciliation, thus, the long lost is to be celebrated.

Like you and I, we were 'long lost' and were found; we recognized and acknowledged this, we received the 'kiss' of the Father through Christ. Repentance is not the words said, but the posture of the heart - "I was lost, now I'm found". Through what? The Father's love that

'ran to you'.



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