It's Not About You

Research shows that people don't really struggle with the concept of God; at worst He is that ‘higher-power-unknown-factor' of one’s imagination or, at best a benevolent grandfather. What folk do struggle with is the church. Sex abuse scandals, hypocriticalness or disengagement with the felt-needs of people are some of the complaints we have all heard.

However, we as the New Life family see an opportunity.

That opportunity is that we believe church is not about us and our sub-culture; the music is not about what we like, the service not about what are our personal preferences. Rather, church is a place where marriages, families and individuals experience healing within their lives. Here at New Life we strive to be a place through which the King has opportunity through us to reach into the lives of people in our world, thus inviting them to a ‘safe’ place where they encounter God’s presence in an authentic, meaningful way.

In the light of all this, my challenge to you is that we would not be counted as part of the statistics, but part of God’s heavenly in-breaking upon our region. I believe we will not be known for the size of the church, but the heart of the church. You form that ‘heart’, and I’m happy to announce that heartbeat is strong and healthy! Let’s keep it that way and make it even stronger!



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