Jesus and Political Views

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

The challenge in today’s ‘newsy’ world includes the temptation to not overreact nor remain placid about issues that are presented either truthfully, or skewed towards a specific political view.

Discerning that path as followers of Christ is accepting the Bible’s ‘honor those in authority’ (Romans 13:1-17), yet to also understand that human authority can and is deeply flawed. The exposure of this fallibility is ever present with happy assistance by any number of media outlets willing to magnify these shortcomings on both sides of the isle.

The ultimate authority we are under is that of our Father, and I use the word ‘ Father’ intentionally.

How are we as believers to be balanced in this day and age? Realize there is only one ‘perfect’ and only one Messiah. Start there, thus firstly, establish admiration for His authority. Then you are able to move towards a respect for authority.

Secondly, be willing to be involved with the activity of authority, meaning avoid telling the team how to play from the grandstand. As God’s people, lets find ways to bring a kingdom perspective to things in our conversations and social media postings. If we point out the shortfalls it indicates we have the answer, but do we really? If not, hold back and keep your eyes on the ultimate authority of all.



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