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Have you recently submitted a claim with your insurance company? Our agency fills all the paper work in and then sends you a full description with a YouTube-like video that lays it all out for you in a few simple steps, leaving you with an assured sense of ‘it's all taken care of’. Clever, and they push all the right relief buttons. Just sit back for the ride. Wouldn’t it be great if the Kingdom of God was a YouTube, sit-back-for-the-ride experience?

We all know it is not the case, and thank goodness for that. Initially it seems so uncomplicated - accepting the gift of life through Jesus Christ restores us to the Father and His family through a non-complex process of realization, repentance and regeneration of your heart. However, this is only the beginning of your journey of salvation-sanctification. 

This is where the YouTube idea would fall apart and miserably fail. Being a disciple of Jesus means specifically choosing to engage, host and be led by the indwelling Holy Spirit that arrived at the door of your heart and now lives inside of you; if invited, He will involve Himself in every aspect of your existence. Submitting to Him and following Him is a joy unspeakable, but it will be challenging as He shapes and molds you into Christlikeness. And this LOOOOONG process beloveds is God-Tube and not YouTube



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