Life Journey

Aren't the stories about peoples journey's fascinating? We come away from movies, a book or a true-life documentary and become inspired. Inspired by their bravery, courage or tenacity, maybe a host of different stellar attributes. When we consider the Bible we too are influenced by the narratives of inspirational journeys often encouraging the readers thousands of years later. Take Christ for example, a story that literally changed the face of humanity for all eternity. And it is a true story. The apostles, early church fathers, and onto the development of the early church all thrill us with challenging situations, yet with such victory.

Which brings me to you. As you read this, I'm presuming you also have a story to tell, a life journey, maybe several life-journeys with all you've done and places you've gone to. Would you pause for moment and along with me, thank the Lord for keeping you alive on this journey? Then take a moment and freshly invite the Lord for the yet-to-be journey.

We are all on a journey, but don't go a step further, a moment longer without putting the rest of the journey directly into the hands of Jesus Christ. It may mean giving up control of different areas of your life, or freshly inviting the Lord into scenarios and sagas. In this simple act, you are declaring Him "God of my life-journey". You too, have the story that others are waiting for to be inspired!



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