Moment of Response

Throughout history the moment of crisis, tragedy or chaos set the stage for the most audacious, risk-taking, awe-inspiring interventions by people who responded in the moment. They recognized in an instant that a brief moment had arrived where they could make a difference. I think of a young man, an immigrant waiting for citizenship in France, who saw a toddler dangling from a window several stories up. Without considering his own safety he shimmied up the building and saved the child, earning him instant citizenship and a job with the Paris Fire Department in the process.

Perhaps we are not in such dramatic circumstances; however, we do have a moment upon us where we can make a kingdom difference among the fear and anxiety found in the public, either due to politics or the unfathomable violence in cities. What will be and is your response? Are we to join the chorus of criticism, pointing out the sin and shortfalls, or do we present Christ, the only answer for the sin-condition of mankind.

We are free to express ourselves in the USA, but let's also express our kingdom’s solution and answers. If we are bold enough to state our perspectives to anyone who will listen, then let's be bold enough to share Christ, the Life-Giver.



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