No Lunk Zone

Someone blessed me with a one-year Planet Fitness membership (a local gym).They pride themselves to be a judgement free zone and on one of their walls is a “Lunk Alarm” - is a slang word used by Planet Fitness to describe one who "grunts, drops weights, and judges". When one of these sounds is picked up, theoretically an alarm goes off embarrassing the ‘lunker’. Fortunately I haven't heard it go off as most folk are relatively well behaved and most, like me, part of the ‘grey-brigrade”.

Perhaps the church in general could do with “lunk” alarms. I’m not sure it would go down too well, but who wants to be a lunker? The concept of the gym's "judgment free zone” is something we all can benefit from. Whatever “weight” you are having to lift in your life, your circumstances is not another’s weight. In other words, you are not in their shoes nor their particular set of challenges. What is needed is encouragement to run the race, to help lift the weight and be “lunk”-free. When you say things about people that God would not say and they are affected, you’ve contaminated what is holy to God - people who are the temple of God.

No lunk-alarms for us here at New Life as we commit to being a judgement free zone! 



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