So What?

This is a clarion call for the followers of Christ to become ‘Christlike', which is arguably one of the most needed functions in the world you have been assigned to by God, as a catalyst that facilitates change.

Historically, Christian apologetics (a defense of what we believe) has tacked toward providing rational evidence, but there is a growing need for something even more basic—a clear explanation of faith. Cultural and Christian researches have found the question regarding the Christian faith is, “So what?”. A theologian Thomas Oden has observed that the fact of the resurrection may be believed in the church but there is often little interest or communication regarding the significance of the resurrection.

Jesus was raised from the dead. So what? The Bible is true. So what? You can have a personal relationship with God. So what? As James White states - “Here is the vanguard of Christian thinking—knowing how to live, and then working to make the kingdom of God a reality for others to be able to live as well”.

When a ‘so what’ is offered, we have a lifestyle of God-fruit that says, 'this is what’.



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