There's a lot of simply brilliant ideas out there. For instance, people need to get around in cities but what if it is the end of the month and you are broke? Beijing’s answer to this is that the subway allows riders to pay with plastic bottles. Result? Fewer plastic bottles lying about, and you get a free ride! Then there is the middle school teacher who realized students often need a little more explanation in math; she generated a barcode on their homework that when scanned takes the student to an instructional Youtube video posted by her and related to the lesson. I love these simple solutions to what could be multifaceted problems.

Isn’t the gospel so similar?

The complex issue of separation from God, broken and irreparable relationships with others and various other issues, God solves through the gospel. That gospel is simply put - God’s love for His creation to the point where, as Bill Johnson says, “God wanted His kids back”.

We were slaves to our sin and unrighteousness, trying to figure it out on our own but God had the answer.

Through Christ sin was dealt with where the shame and separation that captured us was done away with and what we should have paid for but couldn’t, Christ did on our behalf. What Christ gave was an eternal relationship with our God, now our Father, and a life certainly worth living, free of the worry of trying to figure it out on our own.



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