The Anti-fragile Church

Cultural analysts have coined a phrase “anti-fragile” when commenting on the rapid changes that have accelerated people into drastic “other” lifestyles not previously predicted. A short list of life-altering events include cell phones, the internet and its fingertip knowledge, the impact of social media, the 9/11 tragedy, the new norm of foreign countries interfering with elections, global warming etc. I could continue, but the point is the cultural gurus are suggesting the population needs to establish a mindset of “anti-fragile”.

Isn’t it ironic that the one institution that has faced ever-changing environments, attacks, mockings and so on,  has been the world-wide Body of Christ. Yet, in spite of the cultural upheaval, as believers we are able to discern - no matter the tribe, tongue or creed - aspects of Christ that have remained the steady beacon of light in a sometimes dark world. As believers we need to have an “anti-fragile” faith in our Redeemer. Building that faith doesn’t mean avoiding difficulties, but does allow us to see through those situations to the One who sustains and keeps us.

Would our victory be framed in the hope for a better world? No, but in a Kingdom without end, and a Risen King who is forever, and who passed onto us that very same “forever”.

Where, and in what, is your faith?



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