The Simple Gospel

I am in the process of writing a course on systematic theology. Whilst this is my field of study, I have never felt so challenged both academically and, believe it or not, intellectually. The reason why this is so challenging is because the material is for folk who have not had the educational opportunities so readily available in the US. This translates into describing complex theories into everyday language, without shortchanging the recipients who deserve the very best in honoring their progress in the Lord - in this case rural and village pastors in Uganda and India.

What this process has done is challenging me to redefine my belief system in simplistic ways that are practical and applicable, which brings me to us, here at New Life. It behooves us to be able to simply explain what we believe to those in our worlds. Can you, in an easy manner, tell folk about the life-changing, Christ encounter you had? If not, start learning; there is plenty of material available. If you can, start sharing immediately the life you have been blessed with found in Jesus.

Whatever your position, you have an enormous amount to give. Give generously, and I would want to say on behalf of those who have not yet heard you - thank you!



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