The Unexpected Journey

My wife and I were traveling back to Charles de Gaulle airports outside Paris when Dalene looked at Paris from the horizon and asked if I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower. We had decided against spending a day in the city because of time and cost after the family reunion and in need of an early night and hot shower, but in all honesty, we were so near to so many great sites. On the spur of the moment I said, "Lets go!".

After typing in Eiffel Tower in the GPS, we headed for the next exit and before long we were speeding towards what seemed to be the center of the city with great excitement for what lay ahead. In no time we could see the tower in the distance. It all felt so surreal, being in Paris on such a whim. Then the expected happened: the traffic came to a grinding halt and we snarled forward. You see, our little impulse was at 5pm - peek traffic in a city known for chaotic traffic. It felt like hours before we finally drove past the Seine, decided to forgo the Eiffel Tower and head to a closer sight, the Arc de Triomphe. It took forever to get there, me almost sweating bullets with the crazy driving of the Parisians all in a hurry to get home. And yet, we did it - a wonderful evening full of fun, a new experience and a million pictures to show that we did see the Arc de Triomphe. Our own little triumph in a way.

How much of life do we live like this? Going down a seemingly smooth road to our expected journey outcome and out of the blue and for no apparent reason, we impulsively take the next exit to the lure of something else. Rarely do we count the cost till everything comes to a grinding halt and we wonder how we got to the place. When Jesus called the folk to follow Him, He always alluded to the cost involved. The cost isn't the initial decision but the urge to yield to the sudden impulses that come our way as those impulses almost always end up in a traffic jam of some sorts and delays the destination outcome. We finally got to our hot shower and bed, fortunately after a great little excitement and yet, it was worth it. But boy, do those Parisians drive bad...



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