Toxic Vineyards

Dalene and I recently watched a film set in the Burgundy wine region of France. There is a scene where a company shows up to spray the neighbor's vineyard against various pestilences. Noticeably, the two men are wearing hazmat suits and gas-masks in order to dispense their toxic mix. The movie's vineyard owner challenges them that if the chemicals are that essential for the plant's health, why don't they take off their hazmat suits and pray without it? Of course they don't have an answer for such a challenge because he is right, it is a toxic mix of chemicals.

This reminded us of how we are part of God's vineyard, and the Owner cares for us in an 'organic' way, without toxicity. However, we all steward the vineyard of our lives where others are connected to us and where fruit can be abundant, or, disease ravages what should be fruitfulness in our lives.

The question is: What are you dispensing to those you are connected to? If fear, anxiety, doubtfulness, impatience, anger, retaliation, then a toxic mix not good for man or beast is being 'sprayed' into your vineyard and will affect relationships, future, work situations and friends alike.

Stay connect to the true Vine, Jesus, and we as His branches will pass onto our connections the organic life of relationship with Him, and when the Vineyard Keeper comes, He will find branches bearing much fruit.



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