Understanding God

We live in a culture where knowledge and understanding means power and a lack of knowledge or understanding has us feeling inferior to those that “know it all” and, if not put in check, causes us to put a barrier up to distance ourselves.

Unfortunately, we do the same thing in our relationship with God. We don’t like the idea of lacking understanding in our journey and the mysteries that envelope Him, therefore, we would rather distance ourselves or “not go there” and have a relationship with Him that is unfulfilled and somewhat boring. But that is not what He has for us.

Bill Johnson says it best in his book Momentum: What God Starts Never Ends -

“Mystery is a beautiful subject for many reasons. There are two parts to mystery that are important for us. First, we need to have areas in our lives that we have no understanding of so we can learn to trust God. If I understand everything about my Christian life, I have an inferior Christian life. What I don’t understand is often as important as what I do. That becomes the grounds for the relationship of trust. Christianity is called “the Faith.” As such, it must contain mystery.”

I want to encourage you to step out this week and ask Holy Spirit to give you courage to explore the mysteries of God and to give you understanding in His ways. You might be surprised and what He reveals to you!



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