Where's the Fruit?

Ever had a fellow believer say, “I need to see the fruit before I believe that person”? They mean the person has to show a ‘Christian’ way of life consistent with the characteristics of Christ. We have all one time or another failed the ‘fruit test’.

The reality is that there can be good flowing from bad people, good flowing from deeply flawed people. The reminder here is that God is at work with even those we think are not being ‘fruitful’ enough in our estimation. “Fruitfulness” by itself is no validation of a person. Anywhere you sense the work of God, it says more about God than it does the people of God. Part of the challenge is we all dislike hypocrisy - saying one thing and living another. Of course we have some venerable persons in this club. From King David chasing another man’s wife to the great apostle Peter denying Christ when the crunch came. No one is exempt from this happening.

Practically we are all called to faithful and holy living. As a church family, let’s be grateful that the work of Christ does not depend on the faithfulness and holiness of any of us. No believer, and I include leaders here, is anything less than a sin-stained man or woman in desperate need of God’s mercy-grace. None of us can say ‘we have arrived, yay for me’. We can make choices that reflect who we are ‘in Christ’, therefore stay ‘in Christ’ and continue to pursue fruitfulness.



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