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Recently I came across an article by a speech therapist that stated the following, "If you want to be more confident in what you’re saying, you must believe the words you’re using and communicate a message that’s important to you. Above all else, you must be true to your values and beliefs if you want to interact confidently with others.” That captures a great departure point for us as ambassadors of God’s Kingdom, as 2 Corinthians 5:20 tells us.

When the gospel becomes a core value because of your belief in what Christ did and who you are in Him, you communicate that message sometimes knowingly when the opportunity arrises, or sometimes unknowingly through the lifestyle you live. The question becomes “how important is the gospel to you?”

If you experienced a life-changing metamorphosis you are still undergoing, then you have something to say to the world. It’s not always the slick presentations, catchy soundbites or grand proclamations but rather a personal story of a powerful experience you underwent that changed you forever.

Confidence in this message is, as the therapist noted; “you must believe the words you’re using and communicate a message that’s important to you”. Do you believe the gospel’s good news and the life-changing journey you are on? Then don't hold it for yourself, give it away to the people in your world who are desperate for some good news.



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