Building upgrades



11.18.19.       Thank you to MidCape Home Center for being patient with us as we figure out what color we like for the sanctuary. After many trips and countless advice, a group from New Life jumped in and painted the entire sanctuary in 2 weeks. We are so grateful to everyone to helped give this space a new life. 

11.02.19.      After over twenty years of not being touched, the sanctuary is getting painted! 

10.21.19.      The outside of the building is complete! We are so grateful to CapeWide Construction for all their hard work in getting this project done. Now for Phase II where we start upgrade the inside of the building. Stay tuned!

10.15.19.     The final siding and facing Aluminum Products has been installed and the work on a final  punch list has begun. 

8.03.19.     Renovations to the side facing Aluminum Products has started! With the storms we had last week, there has been some delay in progress but we are grateful that CapeWide Construction is doing all they can to get this project done soon. 

7.22.19      The siding facing Route 28 is complete! The cross has been sanded down and revarnished and is back up on the wall. The new ceiling in the portico is in the process of being varnished. This is a tedious and time consuming job as each coat of varnish has to be sanded and a new coat of varnish painted on to ensure an even and smooth coat. 

7.12.19       The portico is almost complete with new pillars and a new ceiling. Most of the new windows in the sanctuary have been framed out and the half circle above each window has been filled in. 

6.19.19      The siding facing Club 28 has been completed! New siding on the portico has started but due to inclement weather, has been put on hold. Please pray for good weather so we can finish the project on time!

6.14.19      Windows are in and the siding is almost complete for the side facing Club 28. It's taken a bit longer due to weather and repair work. The portico/overhang has been gutted and prepped for work next week.  

6.05.19     Work on the front and side has started. All the old siding has been removed and new plywood is being added for protection and longevity. Old windows in the main sanctuary have been taken out and this week the new windows will be installed. Can't wait for the new siding to come up in the next two weeks! 

5.25.19      This past week work on the back wall started with old/rotted frames and insulation replaced as needed. Plywood was added for protection and longevity. The building never had a plywood base so this new addition provides a more solid frame. 

5.18.19      Phase I has started! The exterior roof is almost complete and work on the portico has begun and should be completed by June. The interior ceiling is being upgraded with new insulation. 

The well-known Dennis Port movie theater on Rt. 28 was purchased in early 2000 and after changes and renovations from top to bottom became New Life Christian Center's new home.

Phase I has started. The new roof is almost complete and work on the portico has begun and should be completed by June. 


It is now time to do vital upgrades: Phase I comprises maintenance on the exterior of the building and Phase II involves interior features and equipment upgrades. We want our building to reflect on the outside what God is doing on the inside:  It’s been wonderful to experience the Spirit of God moving within our church community, and we are excited as we sense God expanding our sphere of influence in our area. Through capital campaigns and loans, we trust that Phase I will be completed by the end of this year. We would love for you to partner with us!


There are a few way you can partner with us: 

1. Financial Donation - All donation are tax-deductible 

a. Designated one time donation

b. Ongoing donation

2. Share the vision

We love what God is doing in our community and want to share the testimonies far and wide. If you would like to know what is happening, please contact us and we'd love to involve you in our testimony.

3. Pray

Our hearts are not just for a renewed and upgraded building but for God to bring a renewal in every aspect of our church family. The key scripture verses for New Life this year are Zachariah 9:11-12 and Isaiah 61:1-4. Please pray with us as we continue to pursue the Kingdom of God here in Dennis Port as it is in Heaven!

We welcome all partnerships and donations and consider every amount a gift from God. If you want to make a financial donation to support us in our project, click here