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Journey to

The focus of this 5-week course is to identify the roots of a  wrong belief system in four crucial areas: What we believe about God, about ourselves, about others and about our circumstances. Lies and hindrances that stem from wounds and childhood issues are identified. Tools are provided to assist participants to receive the "benefit package" of Christ's redemptive work in the different areas of their lives - to shift from living from old mindsets and bondages to living within and from the perspective of new covenant Kingdom realities.


The course material covers the following:

  • Introduction (a description of our two journeys: the natural journey and the spiritual journey and how the former influences the latter);

  • The First Family (exploring the dynamics of God's original plan and pattern for Adam and his family and the consequences of the fall on these relationships.)

  • Prisoners (a study on forgiveness - the most essential element towards walking in wholeness);

  • Captives (three areas that lead to being taken "captive" are studied: Jurisdiction, unsolicited rejection and solicited rejection);

  • The Wall (this section covers self-defense mechanisms as an outflow of hurts and wounds);

  • The doors that we open (ungodly agreements, sexual sins and the occult).

Every chapter offers steps towards wholeness. 

Courses are offered through the year as the need arises.


Personal prayer

(inner healing) ministry:


Areas of childhood trauma or dysfunction that led to an unGodly belief system are identified during a prayer ministry session. The shift to replace these beliefs with new creation realities (identity, Scripture etc) are emphasized.  Transformation comes through the renewing of the mind; personal prayer ministry comes alongside the believer to assist in this process. 

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